Perfectum is a luxury real estate

Perfectum (Pvt.) Ltd. is a luxury real estate developer and joint venture partners that cater to the upper end of society. Our approach is based on professionalism, trust and respect for the consumer. The team was founded by Iqrar ul Hassan, Shoaib Shahid and Shabbir Hussain, highly experienced professionals from the real estate industry and media. We are proud to say that we have quickly climbed our way to the very top echelons of the luxury real estate market and aim to be the first truly respected global real estate developer from Pakistan.


We are among the first developers to identify the tremendous potential in luxury real estate, providing private investors and a top-notch opportunity to purchase serviced apartments, and luxury villas in our collection of upscale properties located in highly popular locations across Pakistan.


This strategy for success provides a blueprint for our ongoing expansion into new and exciting markets, reinforcing our commitment to developing landmark properties, brands, and services that deliver attractive returns to our investors. This unique approach reflects our long-term commitment to our clients, ensuring they capitalize on their investments with us today and tomorrow.

Our Some Mamorable Mamories

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

Executive Chairman

Rashid Bashir

Mr. Rashid Bashir is an accomplished and successful businessman with over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry.

As the Managing Director of Chohan estate, one of the leading real estate names in Pakistan’s history, his exceptional knowledge combined with his decades of experience drove significant revenue and growth for the organization that made Chohan Estate a benchmark for the entire industry. Expanding his horizon in 2015 he co-founded Knightsbridge Capital Group, a successful consulting agency that endeavors to create long-term value, and provides solutions for equity partnership in growth companies & projects.
Wherever Mr. Rashid Bashir goes, he brings to the table a strong history of leadership qualities which not only adds directly to an organization’s revenue, but also inspires everyone around him to meet the highest standards of professional ethics, quality of work, and focus which he himself demonstrates.

Iqrar Ul Hassan

The name rings a bell because it has been immensely instrumental in exposing the truth, unveiling frauds & injustices on many fronts.

In 2012 Iqrar founded Team Sar-e-Aam and invited people from all walks of life to sign up & strengthen Pakistan from inside out. Good deeds, whether minor or major, done independently or collectively, is the only requirement to join this grand ensemble. Today Iqrar-Ul-Hassan is on the leading front of a massive force comprising over 1.6 million registered Pakistanis (mostly youth) who are at his beck & call, anywhere in Pakistan to serve humanity.
Chief Executive

Shoaib Shahid

Is An Award-Winning Industry Leader in International Sales and Business Development strategies, Investor, and Entrepreneur.

Over 15+ years of experience in Real Estate Sales, leadership, and negotiations. He is an entrepreneur and pioneer of multi-award-winning real estate companies. Before this, Shoaib had been affiliated with Christie’s International real estate and Sotheby’s international realty, the world’s largest luxury real estate brands. He has won multiple awards of Being # 1 and a Top earner for consecutive 3 years. That was the time when he sold properties worth USD 1.5 Billion. Shoaib was also associated with a leading joint venture consulting firm of Saudi Arabia which attracts multi-billion dollars investment in different sectors within Saudi Arabia.
Managing Director

Shabbir Hussain

Sabbir Hussain is a Managing Director at Perfectum Pvt. Ltd. With over 12 years of experience.

Shabir’s focus is to offer property solutions to high-net-worth individuals and investors. His key strength is providing honest and professional service by giving insight into current market conditions and educating clients on where to invest their money to maximize their returns. He specializes in real estate development and land acquisition in Pakistan as well as in prestigious off-plan projects.
Director International Affairs

Ehsan Ul Haq

Founder and Chief Executive of Ehsan Enterprises, Founding Partner of TBH: The Brokerage House, Director Business Development at Perfectum, the luxury lifestyle company, and Former Vice President of Health Zone Foundation

Mr. Ehsan is a noteworthy name in the real estate industry with a remarkable professional journey of almost 20 years. A computer science graduate, Mr. Ehsan started his career at Chohan estate in 2003 as a sales associate and quickly climbed the ladder due to his extensive knowledge of the market and keen insights into the ground realities surrounding each project he was assigned to. Early in his career in the real estate industry he went on to become the team-lead, and then the Branch Manager soon after. His success came from persuasively managing large teams and a display of strategic acumen, making him the go-to person for corporate deals within the company. He consistently exhibited his expertise in managing general operations, financial performance, marketing and sales strategies, corporative liaison, professional networking and building lasting partner and client relations for successful commercial real estate ventures. He is also skilled in procurement, effective negotiations with vendors, developing efficient communication and organizational procedures, and multitasking through concurrent projects, orchestrating those effectively with a result oriented and time-optimal discipline. His journey from entering in the industry as a fresh graduate, to serving on directorial board of three different organizations reflects well his groundedness, insight, experience, expertise and grit as a thorough professional.
Director International Affairs

Zeeshan Pasha

With a vision for success Zeeshan’s expertise is in Business Development, Real Estate Investment and Property Management.

For decades, he has mastered the proper strategic direction for his business, staff and clients. Zeeshan is an inspiring leader with a mindset to see the ‘big picture’ in a variety of settings with a proven track record of managing his own Real Estate Portfolio measuring EUR 40 million €. Born in Pakistan and raised in Germany makes Zeeshan multi-cultural as well as multi-lingual in Urdu, German and English. He has made high quality investment decisions to advance his business and increase profits.
Director HR

Danish Shehryar

Mr. Danish Shehryar is a Senior Banker having 30 years of Experience Starting as an Officer, Zonal Chief, Circle Executive, G.M to the level of Country Head, and Human Resources in two Banks.

He has served all over the country, and outside, including Paris, and London UK. He is a trainer, Career Counselor, and Mentor and is active socially and in all type of Electronic Media. Presently he is Part of Perfectum Pvt Ltd, as a Director of Human Resources/Administration. Being one of the Founding members of the Company.
Director Public Relations

Armala Hassan

Is a PR Director at PERFECTUM Pvt. Ltd. Vibrant as ever, Armala is a name that is well-synchronized with style, charisma and panache.

Her extensive portfolio of six years is an impression of how diligently and creatively she has been working and proving her mark in the ever-changing media industry. In the era of Digital age, where buying decisions are heavily stimulated by social media façade, Armala Hassan knows exactly how to chisel away and impact market buying decisions through her strong influencing profile.
Armala began knocking together her portfolio at an early age with one of the mainstream news media houses as a Sports Anchor.
Director Public Relations

Farah Iqrar

Farah Iqrar is a seasoned journalist who has been associated with multiple media giants inclusive of Dunya TV, Sama News, ARY News and DAWN News.

She has over fifteen years of professional experience in the field of journalism which also allows her to influence the masses with her ideas and researches.
Her vision of joining Perfectum is to innovate the orthodox real estate consultancy methodologies with transparent communication, utmost integrity, profitable investment opportunities and a contemporary lifestyle.
Director business development

Dr. Farhy Amin

Farhy Amin is a doctorate from GCU, Lahore. She has been serving as a news anchor to the most renowned media channels, such as ARY News and PTV Productions for the past decade.

Her contributions in the field of journalism and news anchoring are overarching. Her competence and creativity make her stand out among the masses while starkly influencing the mindsets of her audience.
Dr. Amin's stance behind joining Perfectum is to upgrade the standards of real estate consultancy services in Pakistan with enhanced skill sets, innovation and utmost integrity. Her expertise, insight and services will develop your access to the finest investment opportunities and luxury lifestyle of your dreams.


Perfectum (Pvt.) Ltd. is a luxury real estate consultant and joint venture partner catering to society’s upper end. Our approach is based on professionalism, trust, and respect for the consumer. The team was founded by Iqrar ul Hassan, Shoaib Shahid, and Shabbir Hussain, highly experienced professionals from the real estate industry and media. We are proud to say that we have quickly climbed to the top echelons of the luxury real estate market and aim to be the first truly respected global real estate developer from Pakistan.



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