Terms & Conditions

The following is the set of official terms and conditions which are applicable to the property holders and potential customers of Perfectum.

  1. You must enter your correct and accurate information while registering on our website as a user; property holder or a customer. You are requested to keep your information updated at all times.
  2. You must also specify your categorization through content, designation or format in order to make the submission process more valid and easily traceable by all other users. You are free to employ titles such as ‘dealer’, ‘retailer’, ‘wholesale’ or ‘realtor’.
  3. The property holder must affirm to the age of minimum eighteen years in order to enter legal formalities and contracts with PERFECTUM.
  4. We own the rights to prohibit the publication of any user material or prescribe viewer discretion for any content.
  5. PERFECTUM will lawfully reserve all the user information/ company information and details involved in your registration process. We will ensure to keep all your information confidential from any third party. However, such information may be disclosed following the requirements of legal matters.
  6. We are, by all means, allowed to assess the authenticity of your uploaded information and documents before entering a legal contract or registering your property on our website.
  7. As a property holder, you authorise Perfectum to disclose your commercial information to the users of any special packages and offers in abidance to Clause 6.
  8. You must comply with all the traditional and digital security standards throughout and following the registration process. You are strongly prohibited to disclose your passwords and other identification essentials to any third party in order to avoid any fraudulent, mishap or inconvenience in the future.
  9. For clarification purposes, Perfectum (Pvt.) Ltd is a real estate consultancy firm and hence is a service-oriented corporation. We do not provide any goods and commodities.
  10. Your contract with Perfectum will be officially dissolved if you are found guilty of breaching and violation of any terms and conditions. In a case as such, you will be notified through an official electronic mail.
  11. All the intellectual property confined to the website is solely limited to Perfectum. No trademark, content, graphics and designs must be misconstrued as the users’ property. As a user, you are allowed to reserve the print outs of the website information, documents and contracts for your personal use. However, you are strictly prohibited to amend or modify any information or data initially presented through our website.
  12. The following website rules and regulations shall apply to all the users:
  1. The website must be used in a lawful manner for a lawful purpose in an official etiquette. Your behaviour with the website must be in absolute coordination with all the terms and conditions.
  2. You are instructed not to promote or transmit any viruses, software material or information which may lead towards the disruption of the website’s operational mechanism or functionality.
  3. You are not allowed to engage in the usage of any automated software without the company’s consent. Those are primarily crawlers, spiders and robots.
  4. You are allowed to use our services as a consumer seeking investment opportunity and amenities or as an agent looking to list their properties for sale on our website.
  5. Do not share or send any material for publication which may result in the breach of any term, condition or regulation.
  6. You are strictly prohibited to indulge in any abusive or disrespectful manner: digitally or in-person.
  1. The company is allowed to recruit a third-party to process credit card payments. These parties may access your personal and financial information. However, it will not be used for any further purposes.
  2. You are allowed to increase the visibility of your advertisements and brand name through availing our services of “Featured Ads”. It is a non-refundable fee which supports you in your marketing and promotional purposes on our website.
  3. You are allowed to publish any relevant material on the website which is not deemed to be abusive, obscene, politically incorrect or indecent in any way.
  4. PERFECTUM is allowed to execute independent checks and regulatory inspections on any property registered or listed on their website.
  5. You will not compromise our privacy and security standards without our consent under any circumstances.